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Managing Monstrous Powerpoint Files With Compression Software

Of all the files taking up storage space on your computer or server, PowerPoint® (PPT) presentation files require more storage space than almost any other file type. Photographic and other images require huge amounts of storage space because of their complex nature. Most PPT presentations are filled with these images, resulting in the need for extensive storage requirements. Additionally, files of this size are often too large to email, or take a huge amount of time to transmit via internet or intranet.

To remedy the extra costs associated with PPT files, compression software applications have been developed by many different IT and software companies. The goal is obviously to shrink the storage, backup storage, and transmission time requirements usually associated with PPT files.

When shopping for PPT compression software, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind. Though compression of large PPT files is the primary objective you want the format, functionality and integrity of your original PPT file to remain intact. Your choice of compression software should be based on the following factors:

• Ease of use – Does the software work independently? Can the average person use the compression software? Will any part of the file need manual adjustment, even using the compression software? If the software requires additional plug-ins, expert knowledge to use it, you may be defeating the purpose of your purchase.
• Quality vs. compression ratio – Some compression software applications will cause distortion or deterioration of the quality of your PPT file content at higher compression ratios. Though a 55% or 62% compression rate with no discernible quality loss may sound good, a 95% compression rate with no distortion is a much better return on your investment.
• Simple, automatic process – Look for PPT compression software that performs the task automatically, without requiring "zipping" or "unzipping" of files. This saves time at both the sending and receiving points of the transmission line.

Compressing PPT files creates much more manageable, more easily transferable files. You will be able to reclaim large amounts of existing storage space. You'll experience improved network efficiency and performance because traffic loads on LANS and WANS are reduced. Smaller PPT files reduce backup storage requirements and result in accelerated email and internet transfers.

There's no question that PPT compression software will enhance worker productivity and provide solutions for storage, backup and transfer issues, saving your organization time and money. The size of your ROI will depend on which compression software package you choose; research carefully, take advantage of free trial downloads, and compare product features before making your final decision.

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By: Scott Heath

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