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Internet Service Providers Just What Is An ISP

Have you heard the term "internet service provider" and never been quite sure exactly what it was or where the term originated? Perhaps you are simply curious regarding the history of ISPs. This article will get you up to speed on the uses and origination of ISPs and what the future holds for these services.

With all the dotcom and internet advances of the last twenty or so years, you may get lost in the www’s, http’s, html’s, and other miscellaneous acronyms associated with the technology. Perhaps you’ve heard of ISPs, and maybe you even know that it stands for "internet service providers". However, do you really understand the term and what it means? What is an ISP, and what do they do for you?

ISPs are providers of internet access and related services. In other words, without ISPs, the general public would not have access to the World Wide Web. For a monthly access fee, internet service is provided to consumers by these companies. Two options are recognized in regards to the type of internet access available, termed as dial up and broadband. Internet service can be accessed via dial up connection, usually with a connection not faster than 56 kbit/second. Other options are classified as broadband, provided as wireless access, cable modem, DSL, satellite, fiber optics, and Ethernet. All of these run at speeds ranging from 64 kb to 20Mb per second and sometimes greater.

The first ISPs began in the early 1990’s. This was when the Internet became popular for commercial use, provided by companies like Mindspring to a limited customer base in 1994. Most of the small ISPs were run with homemade software using a single server facility located in a garage. Users of these ISPs would pay anywhere from twenty to forty dollars a month for access that was only provided at a speed of up to 14.4 kbit/second and was highly unreliable. At this time, large companies with proprietary software operated completely separate networks (like MSN or AOL).

When V.90 was developed in 1998, download speeds were increased to 56 kbit/second. The internet became a way to advertise and gain business. Prices charged by ISPs began to even out, with a dial up connection typically costing $19.95 a month. In the 2000’s, broadband became a new way to access the internet and quickly began to overtake the sales of dial up connections. Faster, cheaper, and more reliable, this was to be the internet technology of the future.

However, many of the smaller ISPs couldn’t afford to use DSL and had no access to cable modem. Therefore, they began to provide their own solutions via wireless internet access technology. Today, this is a commonly used technology.

So what is the future of the ISP? With most ISPs still turning over a profit, it seems they will be around forever. Yet, with the possibility of future free wireless internet access, will consumers continue to pay for subscription services through internet service providers? Why would anyone pay for a service that can be received for free? Perhaps they won’t, but that remains to be seen.

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Intranet Extranet Software

Extranet is that part of an intranet that is made available to people outside the organization. In other words, it as an extension of the intranet used by a company. The main aim of an extranet is to provide useful information to users outside the company in a secure environment.

Just like an intranet, extranet is also based on the use of a web browser. Extranet software helps to provide the required information on the computer of every extranet user, and one doesn't need any specialized hardware to make it fully operational.

An extranet has to ensure that the access to the network is fully secured. For that, special software is used to help in encrypting data and user authentication. Extranets can be built or purchased. When one builds an extranet on the basis of internal resources, one may require customized extranet software. The type of functions performed depends on the type of software used. Go for that particular extranet software that has the potential to fulfill your requirements straight away, or that can be modified easily to suit not only your current but also your future needs.

When an extranet is purchased from an application service provider, this service provider maintains the extranet software for your company. In such cases, take care to ensure that the latest security software is used, as security is one of the most important aspects of an extranet. Any loophole in security could allow non-authorized access to your internal network, and that can have serious consequences in the long run.

Extranet software is available in many different price ranges. The choice of this software could depend on several factors, such as the nature and volume of information to be shared, number of users, capacity of internal network, size of the company and nature of its business.

Computer Server Racks

Any computer can be used as a server by mounting server software and connecting the machine to the Intranet. Server racks are a good option to keep the servers properly, safely, and neatly.

Computer server racks basically save space and allow for clean work surface; they are a perfect alternative to traditional computer desks. Usually, most computer server racks are movable and compact. These racks prove to be an efficient resource for storing and displaying computers in a medical, industrial, or commercial environment. Generally computer racks are covered with scratch-proof, powder-coat paint and are made from ten-, twelve-, or fourteen-gauge steel.

Computer server racks are fitted with an exhaust fan, which provides splendid ventilation. Computer server racks have some removable parts such as a side panel, doors, etc. The top panel of the server rack helps to prevent foreign substances from entering. Side panels offer security and are available in three options such as louvered, solid removable, and solid fixed. Multimedia equipment, audio devices, and anything that requires a vertical view can be put into a computer server rack.

Computer server racks are well suited for all types of computer servers like those from Dell, HP, and IBM. The prices depend upon the sizes of the racks, ranging from $129 to $469. The height of rack is from 76” to 90”, depth is from 30” to 40”, and width is normally 19”. These racks are available in an array of colors like blue, black, pearl white, and light and dark gray.

With the growth of computer technology, the demand for server racks is also increasing remarkably.

Computer Security Get Prepared Or Lose Your Data

The very much imminent threat to anyone using his r her computer online is the possible attacks or intrusions by Trojans, Viruses, Key loggers, Spy wares and etc. Some of the following preparations help you combat these threats in your quest to computer security.

Installing Antivirus Programs

Download and install one or more of the popular antivirus softwares and set them to update automatically. Viruses infest your computer from any of the input sources like diskettes, suspicious websites, emails and downloaded programs. Check these things every time you need to use them with these antivirus programs. You can also configure antivirus programs to automatically protect you whenever you connect to internet. If you are a professional user of internet, scan the whole system for virus as frequently as you want. These anti virus programs either destroy or quarantine viruses whenever they catch them.

Upgrade Your Operating System

Vendors of operating systems often upgrade their releases and distribute the upgrades as service packs or patches. The service packs plug loopholes in the operating systems and make them robust by taking care of bugs. Subscribe to continuous up-gradation programs which automatically download the patches as and when they are made available.

Treat Email Attachments with Due Diligence

Macros and viruses are distributed by their creators as email attachments too. Don’t open the mail or download the attachment unless you are sure of the senders and you were expecting the mail. Suspicious mails and attachments could possibly contain self installing viruses. If the mail subject line sounds amazing or suspicious just delete it or scan the attachment prior to opening it.

Use Firewalls

Firewalls are by far the strongest internet/intranet protection for computer security. They are either hardware or software tools that effectively scan data transfers from and to your computer. You can set parameters to scan based on location and type of data transfer.

Password Protection

Use of stronger passwords is a great help in onsite computer security. Strong passwords are longer in length and combine alphanumeric combinations with upper and lower case alphabets thrown in. They are never the words from dictionary, names of places or humans etc.

Keep Backups of Important Data

Regularly make backups of important data, just in case.

Be sensible to check certificates when downloading something from an unknown site. Use file encryption facilities to curtail unauthorized access to your files. Finally, your office computer can be secured by password protection against manual intrusions.

The Evolution of Cable High Speed Internet

The computer has altered in modern life beyond our wildest imaginations. Well, I guess I should actually say the PC and Mac. But were really splitting hairs there, either one of these is offering you a fantastic service. Since the mid-nineties, many of us have become accustomed to the home computer. More than likely we have started out with those large bulky desktop units with giant TV like monitors, but an evolution has certainly taken hold. The same can be said about our Internet service. Now a days with high-speed Internet connections we hardly remember those painfully slow dial-up days. It is now the era of cable high speed Internet.

Are you currently using a high-speed Internet service? Are you a fan of DSL or cable high speed Internet? These are common questions recently. This field is very competitive and great deals are to be had. The basic questions to ask are you offering and how much will it cost me? That sounds about right doesn't it? Oh and of course reliability is always a factor. Of course we all want cable high speed Internet, but we don't want a fat bill at the end of each month. Being a fan of cable high speed Internet myself, I have certainly tried my share of services. I first tried a brand called Roadrunner and found that it performed quite adequately. Then, because I moved across the country, I gave Comcast cable high speed Internet a shot. I had no complaints with their service overall.

More recently I relocated again. This time I had no choice but to give the local cable high speed Internet service a shot. I'm sorry to say that it didn't work out too well. While the service worked fine most of the time, the prices were higher than what I had previously experienced and a little bit more than I wanted to pay. This is never good! Shortly after acquiring this new service, I made the decision to go back to Roadrunner, which essentially provided the same service but at a lower cost.

Do you use dial-up? I hope not because I know how slow and unreliable those connections can be. Dial-up is certainly a concept of the previous millennium. And don't you hate that nasty sound when the modem is connecting to the Internet? You could be enjoying cable high speed Internet at a reasonable price? If you have yet to try cable high speed Internet, then I strongly suggest that you check it out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable rates that are offered. While some people like to save a few bucks and go with DSL, I don't really recommend it.

I'm on the Internet quite a bit for both work and home use and I have found that there is absolutely no substitute to the speed and quality of service offered by cable high-speed Internet. The whole buzz of technology has worn offComputer Technology Articles, and cable high speed Internet should become the standard bearer for every household so check it out and see for yourself.

Alternative Internet

This quick search shows that the search for alternatives within Internet is happening on different levels (social, political, strategically and technically) but does still not satisfy its users.

I just wondered whether there is already a thought about alternatives for Internet. With ‘alternative’ I mean delivering information exchange in a different way than the www platform. Let’s compare this with transport: if you want to go from A to B, you can use a car. If the distance is affordable you can use the bike. Otherwise you can take the train or of course the plane. So there are plenty of alternatives, depending on your wish how fast, how comfortable or how aware you want to reach B. I know that getting all these alternatives took a long time and depended on the existing circumstances. Therefore the question how to find alternatives for Internet or to speak about a post-www period might be too early and superfluous.

Whatever it is! It is a just question. Let’s find out what is offered. Searching with keywords like ‘alternative internet’, ‘alternative search’, ‘alternative directory’, ‘alternative web’ gives an impression of what is understood by this. The results could be categorized under three headers: socio-political, strategic-economics and web based alternatives. Treating them one by one will give a short impression of these categories.

Socio-political means all the sites which title themselves alternative as the information provided by them is seen as belonging to one of the social depressed, isolated, censured or empowered groups. According to the organizers of these sites, the market oriented Internet offers not enough place for ‘other’ voices. These sites are actually directly connected to the existing ‘alternative’ on social level. They describe themselves as ‘a progressive and alternative directory featuring a search engine and topics relating to spirituality, holistic health, the mind and enlightening ideas’, ‘the information in this directory is taken from annotations -a guide to the independent critical press, published by the Alternative Press Center.’ or ‘''environmentalists On-Line - green alternative internet service provider…’

The group strategic-economics includes the field of national policy and business competition. They could be treated separately, but in case of the contemporary stand of Internet the two are mixed. This is because all the big search engines are USA based and seen as a part of USA domination over the world; ‘fight’ against what is called ‘American hegemony’ at the level of information means also a ‘fight’ against Google, Yahoo and MSN. We also see on the national level the competitors of USA attempting to get their own search engines in effort to break the power of USA. The Europe Union has started to invest money to make Quaero to its own search engine; the Chinese government has announced plans to introduce several Chines-language Internet domains with purpose to get more view on cyber world and break USA monopoly to control the domain names.

Last but not least, web based alternatives have more to do with reorganizing the Internet once again. The players are from different backgrounds. In fact the search for creating an Internet outside the big players existed right from the beginning. The DMOZ project that is controlled by thousands of free human editors is the first popular example. The latest of such a voluntarily ruled example is Wikipedia. DMOZ became not what it hoped; this is partly caused by its contacts to the big search engines. How it will end with Wikipedia we will see. Another development is the upcoming of topic oriented directories and search engines and search engines based on user profiles. Although not popular enough this could have a future. Others are trying to introduce new extensions to restructure the domain names. Maybe the most interesting development could be seen again within the borders of Google. If the news are true, Google itself is building its own alternative Internet: “Google is working on a project to create its own global internet protocol (IP) network, a private alternative to the internet controlled by the search giant...” On the other hand there is the mobile telephony sector which has tried different systems to integrate additional information to mobile phones. Till now they haven’t invented a proper one. This process will go on and it might happen that a real alternative comes from these operations: it could offer more light, more compact, more mobility and more private information. All this ad words are typical symbols of modern life.

This quick search shows that the search for alternatives within Internet is happening on different levels (social, political, strategically and technically) but does still not satisfy its users. Until this is not the case, till the power distribution and needs are not settled downBusiness Management Articles, it is probably a bit early to speak about alternatives for Internet.

A Review of Cable High Speed Internet Service

The computer certainly has seen its fair share of changes. Well, I guess I should actually say the PC and Mac. Regardless of what you prefer in computer finery, you are no doubt finding value now. Since the mid-nineties, many of us have gotten used to the idea of having a computer in our homes.

We may have started with those dinosaur-looking desktop computers that came with space consuming towers and television size monitors, but they surely don't look like that anymore. The same case can be made for modern day Internet service. It's even hard to remember those dinosaur dial-ups. There is a new king and it is cable high speed Internet.

Which Internet service provider are you using? Are you a fan of DSL or cable high speed Internet? These choices are a recent phenomonom. There is a fierce battle for customers. For the consumer it is quite simple: who has the best deal? Cable high speed Internet is certainly the choice of most because it is the fastes and most reliable to date, but it can also be expensive. Being a subscriber of cable high speed Internet myself, I can tell you that I have pretty much tried them all. I began with Time-Warner, but hoped for something faster.

Then came Comcast after I relocated to a different state. I was satisfied with their service overall. More recently I relocated again. This is when I decided to give the local cable high speed Internet service a shot. To put it mildly, I was disappointed. I think it was the high prices that soured me. Paying more is no fun. Shortly after acquiring this new service, I decided to switch back to Time-Warner, which was cheaper and offered the same service.

For anyone still using dial-up, well, I feel your pain. Dial-up has certainly outlasted its usefulness. Why even bother with that horrific sound and turtle-like speed when you could be enjoying cable high speed Internet at a decent price? But then again, it is better than nothing. If you have the means then I suggest you try switching to cable high speed Internet. It isn't really all that expensive. I really can't put my stamp of approval on DSL Internet service either. Once againComputer Technology Articles, it's rather slow. Do yourself a favor and check out cable high speed Internet. You'll be glad you did.

A Closer Look at Broadband Internet Access

There are times when I feel like kicking back with my laptop and surfing the net. There is so much you can find online. How often do you go online for a quick browse?

You might be searching for a new pair of shoes or the most fashionable jewelery. The Internet is surely the prime place to shop around and get the best deals. Once you already have a trusty Pc or Mac, then all you need is broadband Internet access. Are you aware of what broadband Internet access is? When we are talking about surfing the Internet, the connection speed is the most important thing.

Do you get the difference between slow internet servers and broadband Internet access? To start from the very beginning, there are three options to choose from - dial-up, DSL and broadband Internet access. All three are used worldwide. Dial-up is the oldest version, so it is also the slowest. Apart from the slow connection speed it also cuts off potential callers when you are logged on as it uses your phone line.

Not only can you miss an important call while surfing the Internet, but you also might get kicked offline every time someone tries to call. This is so unpleasant. If you have DSL connection you won't be dealing with such problems.

DSL has a separate phone line, so you receive a permanent online access. The newest version is the broadband Internet access which is the perfect one that we should all acquire if possible. With it you don't need a telephone line as it is achieved through a cable. It is extremely fast and you can enjoy watching the media clips and trailers immediately without having to wait a long time to open them. Consequently, with broadband Internet access you save a lot of time and nerves, as well.

If you are currently using dial-up or DSL, you should consider getting the cable side. Hop online and search for the best deals concerning broadband Internet access. You can find some discounts on the monthly fees, as well. Once you start using broadband Internet accessBusiness Management Articles, you will never want to change it as you will definitely appreciate the time saved.

The Evolution of Wireless Internet Service Providers

I believe we all have sweet memories of the times when our only way to get on the World-Wide-Web was a dial-up Internet service. Oh, this was the time of the first humble steps of internet. I will ever remember the time when I used this dial-up Internet service. I think Ill miss very much the nice angelic tune my computer played when I was attempting to log on. Here I must emphasize on attempting. In fact, this was the bare truth. Most of the time I was attempting to get on the internet but it was usually very hard.

Come on, I'm not lying. I hated that noise which came out when I pressed that connect button. It was so annoying for me because I knew that I would not be able to connect after that. However, now we will talk about something more pleasant than the annoying sound of the dial-up connection. We all live in a computer age so we have the opportunity to enjoy better Internet speed and connection. Let me say MUCH better speed and connection. Nowadays, cyberspace is much more approachable with this cable high-speed access available. If you want to have full access to the internet, youd better contact a wireless Internet service provider. A wireless Internet service provider will offer you the best internet services you can find at this time.

Let me ask you, who is responsible for your connection to the Internet?

Do you still rely on the old-fashioned type of dial-up connection? Or maybe you have made the right choice to rely on a wireless Internet service provider. If your answer is yeas, are you satisfied with your wireless Internet service provider? I guess you are satisfied otherwise why would you persist on it if you do not like it? I am just asking because I think that the wireless Internet service provider can offer you the most satisfactory Internet service possible. I mean I expect a lot of my wireless Internet service provider. To be more specific I expect from my wireless Internet service provider a low monthly bill, access to the Internet 24/7 and no, I repeat no, cut-offs.

If your wireless Internet service provider is able to provide such irreproachable service than you have to be glad. If you do not receive these basics, then you have to search for another wireless Internet service provider. After all, nobody wants to pay for something that does not work. If you have too many cut-offs you should ask them to reduce the monthly bill. Will they do it? NO! Of course, they wont reduce your bill. So why should you pay them? Do not worry; many wireless Internet service providers will give you what you want.

If you are wondering where you are able to learn more about which is the most improved wireless Internet service providerArticle Submission, then I recommend you get online. Internet is the ideal place to find out that perfect deal.

Internet Marketing The Howard Stern Way What He Can Teach You About Successful Marketing

Howard is ugly, rude, and obnoxious. But why is he so popular and almost everybody in the United States heard of his name? Read on to find out how you can adapt his traits to make yourself a successful internet marketer!

He is loud, obnoxious, rude, ugly, and the list goes one! Characteristics that are usually not associated with success. But why is he rich and why is he so popular? Read the rest of this article to see why you need to implement his characteristics for your internet marketing.

Now when I say this, I don’t mean going out on the internet and blatantly pissing everyone off about their religion, race, sexuality, physical deformity, etc. and attacking every other opinion that doesn’t complement your own.

What the title means is that you if you truly feel passionate about your product or service don’t be afraid to let your customers know! Some people may be offended by your message and what you stand for, but don’t let that slow you down.

Just remember that just being you right now, at this very moment, is offending some people. They may be offended by you being Chinese, your British accent, the pink shirts you like to wear, get over it!

You cannot accommodate the few ‘intolerant’ people in this world to determine your being. Have the same attitude for your internet marketing.

If you are overly passive and nice in your sales and marketing messages because you think it will please everyone, some people will think you have no confidence in your ability to deliver and your product’s quality is probably crappy.

It doesn’t create any controversy or attention and your image will be weak.

If you are strong and opinionated you get a stronger response in your customer’s mind. Take a look at Dennis Rodman, some people think he’s a total freak and some people think he’s awesome. Either way, he gets publicity.

If you listen to Howard Stern’s show, you’ve probably noticed that he is cocky, controversial, and opinionated about every subject imaginable. You either hate him or love him.

People have done studies showing that people who love him listen to him on an average of one hour just to see, “What he’s going to say next.”

Here’s the interesting part, the people who hate him listen to Howard on average of three hours just to see, “What he’s going to say next.”

And Howard’s show is very popular in the United States! Since he’s getting paid by how long and how many listeners are tuned into his show, in a way, his haters on average are giving him more money!

Let me repeat, be yourself and be bold about your opinions. Don’t be a ‘saint’ if you are in marketing. I’ve heard it said that being ‘nice’ is great if your goal is to become a successful monk, but it’ll ruin you if you want to be a successful internet marketer.

For example, if you think organic foods are good, think of how good old Howard would say it:

“Eat organic food if you don’t want to die! Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are killing you with toxic pesticide poison!”

Don’t say:

“umm….yeah… I think organic foods are better. Conventionally grown food is not as good, it has chemicals and stuff”

Which one sounds more honest to you? If you have a targeted niche market for organic food, the first one will most likely fire up support from your customers. Sure you are going to offend the other side, but who cares?

They are going to be offended either way you say it. Having healthy respect for your opinion and the desire to share it with others isn’t wrong. Think about it this way, if you don’t respect your opinion, who will?

If 10,000 people read your article and you offend half of them and the other half loved you, you still have 5,000 people on your side and think you are a genius.

It’s impossible to please everyone so make it easy on yourself and stand up for what you believe. From now on save yourself the headache and concentrate on the 5,000 people that like you!

Remember, it’s okay if you offend some people in the internet because that’s truly how you feel. I’m not saying that you should go out on the internet and attack every opposing view, but from now on just be strong in your opinions when doing your marketing.

It shows that you are genuinely passionate and true to your niche marketFind Article, just like Howard!

Internet Marketing Strategy Insiders Secrets to Making Money Online

This review is meant to give you a peek inside Corey Rudl’s system -The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet and how Derek Gehl has carried on the business. The system is loaded with tips and tricks on how to get the best use of internet marketing strategy for making money online.

Internet Marketing Strategy was Corey Rudl's genius. Insider Secrets for Marketing Your Business on the Internet was a labor of love developed by Corey. And it didn't happen easily for him. Hours of learning and research went into gaining this knowledge and compiling this internet marketing strategy system for making money online. In June 2005, tragedy struck when Derek Gehl lost his good friend, colleague, and mentor, Corey Rudl, to the sport Corey was most passionate about -- car racing. Corey's passing stunned the entire internet marketing community. But one thing became very clear, very quickly: everyone was adamant that Corey's Internet Marketing Strategy must continue, no matter what. And so, while Derek had always been content to work "behind the scenes," he suddenly found himself thrust into a very public role. With the blessing of Corey's family, and the support of all of Corey’s customers, Derek began running the company. Corey might be gone but his internet marketing strategy system is still very viable for making money online, and I would suggest you take a serious look at it. Frankly when I finished studying Corey’s internet marketing strategy, -The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, - I was overwhelmed by the huge amount of information he managed to pack into this tutorial. The package included two hefty binders with over 1,300 pages, 4 guidebooks and 3 resource CDs. But I guess I shouldn't have been surprised; after all, when the box containing these materials showed up at my door, it weighed in at over 10 pounds! That's 10 pounds of the most comprehensive internet marketing strategies, test results, case studies, tools, and ideas for making money online that I have ever read. In fact, the only negative here is the time I needed to study all the information packed into Insider Secrets. If you're unsure who Corey Rudl was, you should know that he was a recognized expert in online marketing strategy for the last 10 years. Not only did his Insider Secrets generate millions for him in online sales, his sites still attract thousands of visitors a day. His package includes step-by-step advice for starting your own internet business. It covers how to build a website for under $100.00 and where to find those hot niche products that everyone talks about. It showed me many free and cheap online tools, resources and software that I found invaluable. Of course, getting visitors to your website is always the first priority and Corey’s system showed me how to get new qualified visitors for free. He went into detail on how to get high rankings in the search engines, even Google. He also shared his secrets on writing sales copy that helped increase my sales substantially. Derek Gehl has kept this information up to date, changing the techniques as the internet grows and changes. What's really great about Corey’s Insider Secrets is that it can show anyone how to build a profitable internet business even if you're completely technically challenged like me. And if you already have an internet business making money online, as I do, this excellent information will take you to the next level. The advanced sections of his system show you how Corey increased his profits dramatically. It will take time to go through this package and really get a total grasp of all his techniques and strategies. After all, it contains two binders of lessons plus the three CD’s and the four guidebooks. You may be a little confused at first but reread it again because it will all make sense. This review is meant to be a useful, educational and an instructive resource for anyone interested in making money online with proven internet marketing strategies. This package is not a quick fix as I said. It will take time and patience, but it was worthwhile for me. I feel completely comfortable giving the Insider Secrets system a 9 out of a possible 10! It is 1,300+ pages of step-by-step lessons containing the exact internet marketing strategies Corey personally used to build a highly successful internet business. If you follow this plan like I did, you too will build a business on the internet, in a reasonable period of time.

Google Wikipedia MySpace How Teenagers Hijacked the Internet

This is Google's policy now: Wikipedia articles regardless of their length or quality or even mere existence are placed by Google's algorithm high up in the search results.

A recent (late 2006) study by Heather Hopkins from Hitwise demonstrates the existence of a pernicious feedback loop between Google, Wikipedia, MySpace, and Blogspot. Wikipedia gets 54% of its traffic from Google search results. The majority of Wikipedia visitors then proceed to MySpace or Blogspot, both of which use Google as their search service.

Google has changed its search algorithm in late 2005-early 2006. I have been monitoring 154 keywords on Google since 1999. Of these, the number one (#1) search result in 128 keywords is now a Wikipedia article. More than a quarter (38 out of 128) of these "articles" are what the Wikipedia calls "stubs" (one or two sentences to be expanded by Wikipedians in the future). Between 7 and 10 of the articles that made it to the much-coveted number one spot are ... empty pages, placeholders, yet to be written!

This is Google's policy now: Wikipedia articles regardless of their length or quality or even mere existence are placed by Google's algorithm high up in the search results. Google even makes a Wikipedia search engine available to Webmasters for their Websites. The relationship between Google and Wikipedia is clearly intimate and mutually-reinforcing.

Google's new algorithm, codenamed Big Daddy, still calculates the popularity of Websites by counting incoming links. An incoming link is a link to a given Website placed on an unrelated page somewhere on the Web. The more numerous such links - the higher the placement in Google's search results pages. To avoid spamming and link farms, Google now rates the quality of "good and bad Internet neighborhoods". Not all incoming links are treated equally. Some Internet properties are shunned. Links from such "bad" Websites actually contribute negatively to the overall score.

The top results in all 154 keywords I have been diligently monitoring since 1999 have changed dramatically since April 2006. The only common thread in all these upheavals is one: the more incoming links from MySpace a Website has - the higher it is placed in the search results.

In other words: if Website A has 700 incoming links from 700 different Websites and website B has 700 incoming links, all of them from various pages on MySpace, Website B will be ranked (much) higher in the search results. This holds true even when both Websites A and B sport the same PageRank. This holds true even if the bulk of Website A's incoming links come from "good properties" in "good Internet neighborhoods". Incoming links from MySpace trump every other category of incoming links.

An unsettling pattern emerges:

Wikipedia, the "encyclopedia" whose "editors" are mostly unqualified teenagers and young adults is touted by Google as an authoritative source of information. In search results, it is placed well ahead of sources of veritable information such as universities, government institutions, the home pages of recognized experts, the online full-text content of peer-reviewed professional and scholarly publications, real encyclopedias (such as the Encarta), and so on.

MySpace whose 110 million users are predominantly prepubescent and adolescents now dictates what Websites will occupy the first search results in Google's search results pages. It is very easy to spam MySpace. It is considered by some experts to be a vast storehouse of link farms masquerading as "social networks".

Google has vested, though unofficial and unannounced and, thereforeScience Articles, undisclosed interests in both Wikipedia and MySpace. Wikipedia visitors end up on various properties whose search technology is Google's and Wikipedia would have shriveled into insignificance had it not been to Google's relentless promotion of its content.

The Versatility of Internet Radio Stations

One of the most exciting developments in high tech media is the emergence of Internet radio stations. Everyone can now make their own webcasts or podcasts. All an individual needs to have is an inexpensive sound recording software, a computer, and of course, Internet radio stations.

Major communications firms established the majority of Internet radio stations as Internet versions of their own radio stations. The beauty of the World-Wide-Web is that it gives everyone a chance. Through the amazing technology of the Internet, you can listen to the top forty hits from New York or listen to some kid spin acid rock in Birmingham, Alabama though the amazing Internet radio stations.

One impressive feature of Internet radio stations is its ability to allow you to listen to your favorite radio station even if you move out of the city where it is based. I used to love WCBN in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the local college station, when I went to college there. When I transferred to another state, I had to leave many things behind, but not the music of my favorite radio station.

Fortunately, WBCN has a live streaming, Internet version on my computer, so I was able to tune in as if I still live in that area. This is really great for a music lover like me, I can listen to all my favorite programs from anywhere in the entire country. Nothing can possibly beat that.

Another thing to look for in Internet radio stations is the type of music that you prefer. Cities of average size would normally have a few different radio stations, but the line up is often pretty much similar across the whole lot of them. But if you have an internet access, you can listen to country, polka, blue grass, old school soul, and any other music type. There are plenty of people throughout the world who would appreciate sharing their music with you and would be overjoyed if you were to listen to their internet radio stations. Another bonus with internet radio stations is its mostly free, because if you charge for music from your radio stationPsychology Articles, people will just listen to something else.

Targeted Website Traffic Without It Your Site Will Certainly Die

How to find qualified targeted website traffic suppliers and services without sacrificing the integrity of your website.

Targeted website traffic - you hear that term alot these days. Most people know what it means and understand the concept. Some people actually strive for it. Some people don't. In plain English, with targeted website traffic, your site has a chance to make some real money and there's a slight chance you might be able to make a living of the internet. But, without targeted website traffic, your site is doomed to die a slow, painful death until it quietly fades away into the dust like so many thousands of other websites.If you do a search on any of the major search engines for the term 'traffic' you will get mostly websites regarding automobile traffic, traffic reports, road conditions, road closures, motor additives, etc.If you do a search on any of the major search engines for the term 'website traffic' you will get mostly websites regarding traffic exchanges, stat counters, web searches, page optimization, how to build a website, etc.If you do a search on any of the major search engines for the term 'targeted website traffic' you will finally get the picture of what this article is all about - making money on the internet. That's why you are here, that's why you have a website, that's why you are reading this article in the first place.Targeted Website Traffic is KingWithout sufficient targeted website traffic to your website nothing will happen - no sales, no rankings, no noteriety, nothing. You need this type of traffic in order to generate sales, provide leads, gather email addresses and create advertising exposure. So many good things happen when one can actually tap into the targeted website traffic market that it's difficult to name them all. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about:

* Sales First and foremost, sales is what you are after. Only targeted traffic will get you the sales you need to stay in business on the internet.
* Links More targeted traffic leads come from links to similar websites than any other source. These can be either direct links to your website, Adsense links, press releases, blogs, or any other form of advertising that gets your website in front of other people's eyes.
* Free Advertising As the search engines pick up on your increasing number of visitors, especially if they come from related linking websites, your rankings will hopefully rise and your PageRank wil improve. Having your site on the first three pages of any major search engine is optimum exposure for your site and will bring in customers 'off the street', as it were. This is free advertising.
* More Links Another benefit to your rise in the search engine rankings, and your rising PageRank, will be your ability to inundated with link requests from every other website imaginable. Remember, stick with only those that relate to your own site. Again, free advertising.

It's one thing to get your website noticed by the search engines but it's quite another to get your website noticed by the buying public. Just because you have great links, great positioning in the major search engines, and great links will not produce sales. So, how can you become successful where most of the others have failed? What is the magic key to making all these sales that everyone is talking about? I'm glad you asked:The Magic KeyAre you ready? Are you sitting down? Do you have a paper and pen ready to take notes? Well, then, calm down, take a deep breath, and just remember this one simple fact of internet life:The website makes the sales, not you, not your links, not your search engine presence, not even your friends or comrades whom you sent to check out your 'wonderful little website.' Unless your site screams out to the world, 'BUY MY PRODUCT!!', you will not make enough money to buy one month's worth of internet cable service.You can buy, grab, obtain, link, and get all the targeted website traffic in the world but it will not sell a single product and/or service unless your website is compelling enough to do the selling for you. Design is one thing, content is another and, remember, content is everything. It makes the search engine robots and spiders visit your site on a daily basis, it makes visitors want to buy, bookmark, or return for a future purchase, and it makes one think, 'Hmm...maybe I really do need this product and/or service.'Just keep thinking to yourself, 'Design and content, design and content...', over and over. Plus, once your website is complete, it isn't. A proper website is always refining itself and a webmaster knows this. The search engine robots and spider love new content so a little change here or a little change there will make a huge splash with them as they cruise your site on a daily basis.Targeted Website Traffic Can Make or Break a WebsiteWhile having a great design and excellent content on your website is the best possible thing that you can have on the internet, it will still sit there and gather dust until you get the traffic flowing. Unless your website is the only site on the internet that sells a particular product or service, you will be lost in a crowd of thousands or possibly millions.Remember the term, 'Targeted Website Traffic', and keep this in mind:

* Is it really targeted? Are the visitors you get to your website actually looking for what your site has to offer? If you buy your traffic from a service, how can you be sure that you get what you pay for?
* Will they buy? There are no guarantees when it comes to how people make their decisions. All you can do is make your product or service as irresistable as possible. People, in general, are picky and they always want the best for less.

Buying Targeted Website Traffic From a ServiceIf you are new to this concept and have no idea which companies are reputable and trustworthy, then you will have to experiment, learn from others, hear about it by word of mouth, blogs, forums, etc. Check out each company you come across that offers the traffic you want and compare them against each other. What should you look for when comparing traffic service companies?

* Do they offer a guarantee? If they do not offer a 100% guarantee then keep looking until you find only those traffic services that do.
* Do they have contact and privacy pages? All reputable companies have these in place. Review them to your satisfaction before placing any orders.
* Do they have your category available? Targeted website traffic must fit your site to a 'T' meaning that if you sell widgets then there must be a category for selling widgets, plain and simple. If there categories are not specific to what your website sells, move on until you find one that does.
* Purchase 10,000 targeted visitors, get 10 sales. This is a general rule. If you do not get at least a 1% return on your investment then one of these things is wrong: either your traffic is not targeted to what you are selling or your website is not strong enough in its' message to sell the product and/or service.
* Does your page counter move? Every site should have a page counter on their main index page, either visible or not. If that counter does not show the traffic that you purchased then you are not receiving real people but, instead, computer-generated hits. Have you ever made a sale to a computer-generated hit?

Whenever you try a traffic service, buy the minimum to see what happens. If the traffic campaign fails, and you are sure it is not because of your website's design or contentFree Reprint Articles, then try another service. Keep searching until you find one that works well for you and stick with it.