Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Taking the work out of intranet software comparisons

Intraware, Inc., a member of the Kleiner Perkins Java Fund, earlier this month introduced an interactive decision-support service aimed at helping IT managers see their way through the murky business of evaluating intranet software.

With the service, called Compariscope, IT managers can categorize, evaluate and display technical findings on myriad intranet software packages. Intraware has broken the intranet software market into 45 segments, says Dave Dunlap, director of product lines at the Orinda, Calif., company.

Intraware evaluates each software package and applies historical details about the vendor. IT managers can use the weighting Intraware has chosen or can adjust it. Intraware launched Compariscope with 15 product segments.

IT managers can check out the service for free through May by accessing www.

After May 31, the price will be $10,000 for enterprise use and $250 for individual category evaluations, Dunlap says.


With Compariscope's launch, Inaware offers evaluations In the following:

Development tools: application development tools

Distribution: electronic software delivery and distribution

Electronic commerce: Web sales

Infrastructure: proxy servers, Web servers

Management: network management, Web assembly and deployment

Messaging and groupware: messaging servers, streaming audio and video