Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Review of Cable High Speed Internet Service

The computer certainly has seen its fair share of changes. Well, I guess I should actually say the PC and Mac. Regardless of what you prefer in computer finery, you are no doubt finding value now. Since the mid-nineties, many of us have gotten used to the idea of having a computer in our homes.

We may have started with those dinosaur-looking desktop computers that came with space consuming towers and television size monitors, but they surely don't look like that anymore. The same case can be made for modern day Internet service. It's even hard to remember those dinosaur dial-ups. There is a new king and it is cable high speed Internet.

Which Internet service provider are you using? Are you a fan of DSL or cable high speed Internet? These choices are a recent phenomonom. There is a fierce battle for customers. For the consumer it is quite simple: who has the best deal? Cable high speed Internet is certainly the choice of most because it is the fastes and most reliable to date, but it can also be expensive. Being a subscriber of cable high speed Internet myself, I can tell you that I have pretty much tried them all. I began with Time-Warner, but hoped for something faster.

Then came Comcast after I relocated to a different state. I was satisfied with their service overall. More recently I relocated again. This is when I decided to give the local cable high speed Internet service a shot. To put it mildly, I was disappointed. I think it was the high prices that soured me. Paying more is no fun. Shortly after acquiring this new service, I decided to switch back to Time-Warner, which was cheaper and offered the same service.

For anyone still using dial-up, well, I feel your pain. Dial-up has certainly outlasted its usefulness. Why even bother with that horrific sound and turtle-like speed when you could be enjoying cable high speed Internet at a decent price? But then again, it is better than nothing. If you have the means then I suggest you try switching to cable high speed Internet. It isn't really all that expensive. I really can't put my stamp of approval on DSL Internet service either. Once againComputer Technology Articles, it's rather slow. Do yourself a favor and check out cable high speed Internet. You'll be glad you did.