Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Internet Marketing The Howard Stern Way What He Can Teach You About Successful Marketing

Howard is ugly, rude, and obnoxious. But why is he so popular and almost everybody in the United States heard of his name? Read on to find out how you can adapt his traits to make yourself a successful internet marketer!

He is loud, obnoxious, rude, ugly, and the list goes one! Characteristics that are usually not associated with success. But why is he rich and why is he so popular? Read the rest of this article to see why you need to implement his characteristics for your internet marketing.

Now when I say this, I don’t mean going out on the internet and blatantly pissing everyone off about their religion, race, sexuality, physical deformity, etc. and attacking every other opinion that doesn’t complement your own.

What the title means is that you if you truly feel passionate about your product or service don’t be afraid to let your customers know! Some people may be offended by your message and what you stand for, but don’t let that slow you down.

Just remember that just being you right now, at this very moment, is offending some people. They may be offended by you being Chinese, your British accent, the pink shirts you like to wear, get over it!

You cannot accommodate the few ‘intolerant’ people in this world to determine your being. Have the same attitude for your internet marketing.

If you are overly passive and nice in your sales and marketing messages because you think it will please everyone, some people will think you have no confidence in your ability to deliver and your product’s quality is probably crappy.

It doesn’t create any controversy or attention and your image will be weak.

If you are strong and opinionated you get a stronger response in your customer’s mind. Take a look at Dennis Rodman, some people think he’s a total freak and some people think he’s awesome. Either way, he gets publicity.

If you listen to Howard Stern’s show, you’ve probably noticed that he is cocky, controversial, and opinionated about every subject imaginable. You either hate him or love him.

People have done studies showing that people who love him listen to him on an average of one hour just to see, “What he’s going to say next.”

Here’s the interesting part, the people who hate him listen to Howard on average of three hours just to see, “What he’s going to say next.”

And Howard’s show is very popular in the United States! Since he’s getting paid by how long and how many listeners are tuned into his show, in a way, his haters on average are giving him more money!

Let me repeat, be yourself and be bold about your opinions. Don’t be a ‘saint’ if you are in marketing. I’ve heard it said that being ‘nice’ is great if your goal is to become a successful monk, but it’ll ruin you if you want to be a successful internet marketer.

For example, if you think organic foods are good, think of how good old Howard would say it:

“Eat organic food if you don’t want to die! Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are killing you with toxic pesticide poison!”

Don’t say:

“umm….yeah… I think organic foods are better. Conventionally grown food is not as good, it has chemicals and stuff”

Which one sounds more honest to you? If you have a targeted niche market for organic food, the first one will most likely fire up support from your customers. Sure you are going to offend the other side, but who cares?

They are going to be offended either way you say it. Having healthy respect for your opinion and the desire to share it with others isn’t wrong. Think about it this way, if you don’t respect your opinion, who will?

If 10,000 people read your article and you offend half of them and the other half loved you, you still have 5,000 people on your side and think you are a genius.

It’s impossible to please everyone so make it easy on yourself and stand up for what you believe. From now on save yourself the headache and concentrate on the 5,000 people that like you!

Remember, it’s okay if you offend some people in the internet because that’s truly how you feel. I’m not saying that you should go out on the internet and attack every opposing view, but from now on just be strong in your opinions when doing your marketing.

It shows that you are genuinely passionate and true to your niche marketFind Article, just like Howard!