Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Computer Server Racks

Any computer can be used as a server by mounting server software and connecting the machine to the Intranet. Server racks are a good option to keep the servers properly, safely, and neatly.

Computer server racks basically save space and allow for clean work surface; they are a perfect alternative to traditional computer desks. Usually, most computer server racks are movable and compact. These racks prove to be an efficient resource for storing and displaying computers in a medical, industrial, or commercial environment. Generally computer racks are covered with scratch-proof, powder-coat paint and are made from ten-, twelve-, or fourteen-gauge steel.

Computer server racks are fitted with an exhaust fan, which provides splendid ventilation. Computer server racks have some removable parts such as a side panel, doors, etc. The top panel of the server rack helps to prevent foreign substances from entering. Side panels offer security and are available in three options such as louvered, solid removable, and solid fixed. Multimedia equipment, audio devices, and anything that requires a vertical view can be put into a computer server rack.

Computer server racks are well suited for all types of computer servers like those from Dell, HP, and IBM. The prices depend upon the sizes of the racks, ranging from $129 to $469. The height of rack is from 76” to 90”, depth is from 30” to 40”, and width is normally 19”. These racks are available in an array of colors like blue, black, pearl white, and light and dark gray.

With the growth of computer technology, the demand for server racks is also increasing remarkably.