Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Evolution of Cable High Speed Internet

The computer has altered in modern life beyond our wildest imaginations. Well, I guess I should actually say the PC and Mac. But were really splitting hairs there, either one of these is offering you a fantastic service. Since the mid-nineties, many of us have become accustomed to the home computer. More than likely we have started out with those large bulky desktop units with giant TV like monitors, but an evolution has certainly taken hold. The same can be said about our Internet service. Now a days with high-speed Internet connections we hardly remember those painfully slow dial-up days. It is now the era of cable high speed Internet.

Are you currently using a high-speed Internet service? Are you a fan of DSL or cable high speed Internet? These are common questions recently. This field is very competitive and great deals are to be had. The basic questions to ask are you offering and how much will it cost me? That sounds about right doesn't it? Oh and of course reliability is always a factor. Of course we all want cable high speed Internet, but we don't want a fat bill at the end of each month. Being a fan of cable high speed Internet myself, I have certainly tried my share of services. I first tried a brand called Roadrunner and found that it performed quite adequately. Then, because I moved across the country, I gave Comcast cable high speed Internet a shot. I had no complaints with their service overall.

More recently I relocated again. This time I had no choice but to give the local cable high speed Internet service a shot. I'm sorry to say that it didn't work out too well. While the service worked fine most of the time, the prices were higher than what I had previously experienced and a little bit more than I wanted to pay. This is never good! Shortly after acquiring this new service, I made the decision to go back to Roadrunner, which essentially provided the same service but at a lower cost.

Do you use dial-up? I hope not because I know how slow and unreliable those connections can be. Dial-up is certainly a concept of the previous millennium. And don't you hate that nasty sound when the modem is connecting to the Internet? You could be enjoying cable high speed Internet at a reasonable price? If you have yet to try cable high speed Internet, then I strongly suggest that you check it out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable rates that are offered. While some people like to save a few bucks and go with DSL, I don't really recommend it.

I'm on the Internet quite a bit for both work and home use and I have found that there is absolutely no substitute to the speed and quality of service offered by cable high-speed Internet. The whole buzz of technology has worn offComputer Technology Articles, and cable high speed Internet should become the standard bearer for every household so check it out and see for yourself.