Sunday, January 21, 2007

Plan the Construction and Installation of your Intranet

List an item by item accounting of the actual steps you will need to take beginning with the security of your intranet web server software and hardware. You will then need to gather the intranet web site content. Once you have gathered the content you will need to provide the script or vendor specific database.

Once you have this information you will need to layout a design that is easily navigated. Don’t forget to test the layout and evaluate its effectiveness before you install the intranet for access.

You should know and understand the goals for your Intranet by answering certain questions when planning the construction of your intranet. What documents, procedures or catalogs should be put on-line? Who is the intended audience? What database data, reports or standard queries are needed, how often, and by whom? What are the long-range intentions for this on-line information - will there be a need to migrate to direct Internet connections in the future?

Do you want to plan, design and install your own Intranet? Or will you hire someone to plan, design and install your own Intranet? Should you mix and match? Plan, design and install portions of your own Intranet and hire someone to develop other portions for you?